The weakest link…

There is a joke saying the weakest link is always between the keyboard and the chair.

Honestly, there is something to it.

Us, humans, are many things. Creative, caring, adventurous, determinated, intelligent… But there is one thing we are not: flawless.

The complexity of human existence contradicts even the smallest chance to be flawless, to be perfect. We have a beautiful opportunity to be both: emotional, and rational; physical, and spiritual; empathetic, and assertive.

Nevertheless, it comes with a price. Balancing those components of our lives means we will almost necessarily make a mistake somewhere on the way.

The biggest security risk always comes from people.

The biggest problems with projects are usually not caused by the technology itself but by the communication missing.

The biggest obstacles on the way to success are usually not technical or financial but caused by unhealthy egos or lack of self-esteem.

Yes, we will make mistakes. There is no way around.

Nevertheless, there is one thing, our biggest advantage: we can learn from them.

If our evolution proved one thing, it’s that we know how to adjust, improvise and learn. And that’s astonishing. That’s what makes us creative and special.

And for the uncreative tasks you need to be handled flawlessly, there’s automation. ;-)

Do you have other ideas? Please leave it in the comments, as I am curious.


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  • We believe that custom-tailored software, if well done, is an investment, not a cost.
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We create a software designed to take your manual processes and use automated solutions to make your life easier.

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We create a software designed to take your manual processes and use automated solutions to make your life easier.

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